Employed staff, Associates and Disputes

Staff help you deliver a profitable business plan. Get it right and they can be one of your biggest assets. Get it wrong and you will become involved in expensive disputes and time-consuming disruption to your practice.

Did you know:

• In the last year, over 61,000 Employment Tribunal claims were made in the UK

• Associate contracts need to ensure that your goodwill is protected, otherwise they can leave and take your valued patients with them

Both CQC and GDC regulations place significant responsibilities on practice owners in relation to their staff

Ensuring that all contracts are a reflection of what your business does (rather than using a general template) will reduce the chances of disputes and improve staff performance.

Goodman Grant provides bespoke contracts of employment, together with specific policies, procedures and staff handbooks to make sure everyone knows exactly what is expected from them in the workplace.

Specially commissioned contracts for Associates, hygienists and therapists means your agreement reflects your business needs in a fair and balanced manner.

We provide advice and assistance on disciplinary, grievance and other staff related issues, including representation in disputes before employment tribunals.


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