We aim to provide a friendly, professional and high quality service. Our approach allows us to get to know who we are working with which, in turn, helps us to ensure we meet our client's objectives. We encourage feedback and have the thoughts of a selection of our clients below.

Exceptional Legal Services

Goodman Grant the lawyers for dentists, expertly attend to all the legal, business and regulatory matters associated with buying or selling a dental practice. After appointing the team to represent him recently, Dr Mark Willings said:

'I would not hesitate to recommend Goodman Grant.

Heather Meakin, the Director of Business Services provided a truly outstanding level of customer service. I could phone her anytime; she was always happy to support us through the process and answer any questions. She was proactive in dealing with problems before they arose and mediated negotiations between ourselves (the vendor), the purchaser and both sets of legal representatives. Heather was so helpful throughout the whole process; her knowledge and experience in this area is truly first class.'


Sensitive, courteous and highly efficient

'I would absolutely give Goodman Grant a 10 out of 10 and I would highly recommend them to others.'

A dentist from Skipton recently employed the services of Goodman Grant to manage a transaction for him. Having worked with the team in the past, he was once again more than happy with the service:

'I was very confident that the process was handled effectively throughout – I was certainly kept up to date with progress and the fee structure was very transparent.

With regards to the team, they were always easy to contact, really friendly and approachable. In particular, Ben Williams was outstanding.

I was entirely satisfied with Goodman Grant and once again my expectations were exceeded every step of the way. The whole matter was handled sensitively, courteously and highly efficiently – I am delighted with the service I received.'


Goodman Grant provides a first class service

Goodman Grant provide bespoke legal services for dentists, which is why Andrew Kimpton chose this team of experts to handle a transaction for him recently. He was delighted with the service he received and said:

'Goodman Grant is an excellent company with which to deal. The service provided by Paul Edels and Nataleigh Adamson was first class. I would happily recommend Goodman Grant to anyone.'


Another job well done

Dr Basma Saber has worked with Goodman Grant several times over the years and here she shares her most recent experience:

'Having worked with Goodman Grant before, I keep coming back to the company because I continue to receive such a good service.

Most recently, I was once again kept informed of what was happening at all times. The fees involved were very clear and I definitely felt that the matter was being handled effectively.

I’ve never had any problems contacting the team, who have been extremely efficient every time. They are very approachable and professional, maintaining high standards of service. Caroline Oldfield and John Grant, in particular, have been excellent this time, liaising by phone or email.

I would definitely recommend Goodman Grant to others and I’d like to thank the team for another job well done.'


Use the experts!

'Last year we were made aware of the need to register the practice with HIW and knew, that due to issues with the building in which we were tenants, that the practice would not pass an inspection on these grounds alone.  The date for required registration was 31 March 2018.  At this point we had 6 months to either close or attempt to sell the good will of the practice.

For the first few weeks we attempted to sort this out ourselves and had been put in touch with a dentist locally who had indicated that he might be interested in purchasing the patient list – however matters were slow to progress and his practice was in any event a few miles away in a different town and we had concerns about the patients being willing to travel.

Just after Christmas we decided that in any event we would require a law firm’s assistance and contacted Goodman Grant’s dental team, which turned out to be the best thing we had done.  We were now in the position where we only had 3 months before the practice would have to close.  Following our call we were contacted the following day by Heather Meakin and were very relieved to hear that she thought that it was still possible to effect a sale during such a tight timescale.  Heather worked tirelessly on our behalf and was able to find a buyer for us and ensured we completed as we hoped by the end of March.  There were some problems along the way as the original deal she had brokered unfortunately fell through with only 7 weeks to go; however Heather’s perseverance and optimism helped us all the way through and a new deal was made.

There was much legal work to be completed and Kate, Ben, Caroline and the team were professional, helpful and friendly and were always available by phone or email very often outside working hours.  We really appreciated everyone’s expertise and efforts on our behalf to ensure exchange and completion happened in time.

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Heather and Goodman Grant – we literally couldn’t have done it without them!  For anyone thinking of selling a practice our advice would be to give yourselves a lot more time to accomplish this than we did; and to use the experts, Heather and the team at Goodman Grant.

Thanks again for all of your help'.

Anne & Richard Stevenson


11 out of 10 for Goodman Grant

''I couldn’t praise them highly enough, they were great!'' said Christine Hall as she rated her experience after using Goodman Grant, the lawyers for dentists.

She continued: ''Although all the communications we received were in a plain language, there were a couple of times when I misunderstood. This was no fault of the Goodman Grant team but my lack of knowledge of the situation. Nevertheless, when I went back to them, they explained everything and always made sure that I got the clarification I needed.

Paul Harris provided us with an outstanding level of customer service. I contacted him, not just about the matter we were dealing with but also about one or two other Practice issues that cropped up at the same time. He was very good at answering all my queries.

At the beginning we were given a set fee to do the job. To be honest, it took rather longer and was more involved than we expected, so I was a little bit concerned that Goodman Grant might need to make an addition to our fees. They didn't however, and we paid the agreed fee.

They were brilliant on every count and I would be more than happy to recommend them and I will certainly use them again.''


Spot on Service from Goodman Grant

“The service was spot on,” said Andrew McKenna after using Goodman Grant, the lawyers for dentists.

“Using a legal team that is well versed with the dental industry is a great asset and I felt that my case was handled effectively on my behalf throughout.

Everyone on the Goodman Grant team is very professional and approachable and I thought that Paul Edels and Paul Rabbette, who dealt with my case were excellent.

I felt that I was always kept up to date with the progress of my case but if I wanted to speak to someone, I had no trouble contacting the team. Goodman Grant was also transparent with the fees and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other dental professionals.”


Goodman Grant comes up trumps.

When Gill Haskell and Kevin Waite decided to sell their dental practices they used Goodman Grant, the specialist lawyers for dentists. Here they describe the experience:

 “Our experience with Goodman Grant was excellent and we both felt that we had entrusted the sale (of our practices) to "a safe pair of hands.

Response times to queries were quick and the whole team were definitely both knowledgeable and efficient. When things became a little fraught (due to time pressures etc.), John Grant was calm and pragmatic and totally in charge of the situation.

We felt that Heather Meakin, The Director of Business Services, really went beyond the call of duty. She was always available at any time of day, she gave reassurance and practical advice and she demonstrated dogged determination to get the deal done.

Also, if ever we thought that something needed dealing with or chivvying along a bit, Heather seemed to be able to put pressure on to bring it about. So often "leave it with me" is a phrase that actually means "stop bothering me", but Heather always seemed to come up trumps.”


Nice doing business with you

'I believe the Goodman Grant team handled my matter very effectively,'says Stephen Matterson. 'I never had any trouble contacting them and they were always very prompt in keeping me up-to-date with what was happening.

I also found the staff to be friendly and approachable every time I spoke to them. In particular, I thought Hewi Ma was lovely – it was very nice doing business with her.

All in all, I would give Goodman Grant ten out of ten and would certainly recommend their services to others.'


10 out of 10!

'I can certainly say that I was confident in the way Goodman Grant handled my matter,'says Dr Susan Davis. 'The service they provided was great and I am really happy with the way they dealt with me.  On some matters I needed immediate help and John Grant was always on hand to give it, even when I’m sure it was inconvenient for him.

In fact, I never had any difficulty contacting the team at Goodman Grant and when I did I found everyone I spoke to incredibly friendly and approachable at all times.

All in all, I received timely, helpful and appropriate advice, which was great. I would definitely give Goodman Grant a ten out of ten and would recommend them to anyone else!'


Efficient and informative sales process

''The purchase of Pond House Dental Practice has been a fantastic first acquisition for Rodericks Dental and Goodman Grant to work on together. The sale process was efficient and informative, and allowed Rodericks to reach another milestone in their continued growth to be the ‘corporate with a difference’. Rodericks look forward to continuing to nurture the success of Pond House Dental, and thank Hewi Ma and her team at Goodman Grant for helping Rodericks to build a positive and established relationship with both the seller and his practice team.” – Rebecca Bird, Acquisitions Co-ordinator, Rodericks


A very good service

'Goodman Grant provided me with a very good and seamless service', says Dr P. Rushworth. 'I never had any difficulty contacting the team – in fact, they were always quite proactive at keeping me up to date with what was happening.

The team was always very friendly and approachable whenever I spoke to them and they were careful to give advice in an easy to understand way. This also applied to their fees, which I thought were very transparent.

In all honesty, I do not think Goodman Grant could have done anything to improve the service they offered. I know that my buyer experienced some difficulties contacting their own solicitors, which really highlighted how good the Goodman Grant experience really was. They showed me how things should handled!

All in all, I would give Goodman Grant a firm ten out of ten!'


Another satisfied client!

'I have used your firm twice recently for practice sales and honestly believe you are in a class of your own' says Micheal Korb, 'I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants a specialist dental lawyer. 

You are honest efficient and very good at what you do. 

Please do contact me when you are next in London and I will delighted to take you out  for a meal.' 


A brilliant team

“I have to say, Hewi Ma and the rest of the team at Goodman Grant were brilliant,” says Aaron Yusuf, who recently worked with the dental solicitors. “I was always confident that they were managing my matter to the very best of the considerable ability.

Whenever I needed to get hold of them, I managed to get through straight away and at all other times they kept me up to date with what was happening.

They were always very considerate in the way they explained what was going on – no legal jargon! And I really do feel as though everyone I dealt with was friendly and approachable.

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Goodman Grant team – in fact, I’d give them a solid 20 out of 10!”


Absolutely delighted

“I am absolutely delighted with the help that I received from Paul and the rest of the Goodman Grant team,” says Geoffrey Antons. “I was very confident that they were handling my matter effectively at all times.

Paul was wonderful. I was able to ring him at any time, for whatever I needed, which was great. In fact, the whole team was very friendly and approachable. I would not hesitate to ring them or use them again – indeed, if anyone was to ask me, I would tell them to use the team''.


A great service

“I thought Goodman Grant’s service was great,” says Dr Catherine Jenkins. “I was very confident that they were handling matters effectively on my behalf. What’s more, they were always very easy to get in touch with – I never had any trouble getting hold of someone when I needed to. Because I was working, it was often difficult for them to speak to me – but there was always an answer phone message that I could respond to when I was free.

The Goodman Grant team also kept me up to date with what was happening at all times, and their updates were always delivered in good plain English, making it easy for me to understand.

The people I dealt with were incredibly friendly and always approachable.

I would certainly recommend Goodman Grant Solicitors.”


A wonderful service

“Goodman Grant Solicitors had my complete confidence when handling my matter,” says Marius Kaupas. “They were always sure to keep me up to date with what was happening and they always ensured that I understood everything before moving on.

I found the team incredibly friendly and I was always comfortable approaching them with questions or queries.

All in all, I think it was a wonderful service and I am really pleased with the result.

As such, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Goodman Grant in the future.”


Unambiguously good service

“I was absolutely confident that the Goodman Grant team were handling my matter effectively,” says Dr Adam Hawley. “They kept me up to date with everything that was happening at all times – and when I needed to contact them, there was never any issue with doing so. I was very impressed.

They also ensured that I understood everything that was happening. They cut out the legal jargon and gave me the information in plain English.

I also think that they were transparent with their fees. They kept me up-to-date throughout the process, so there was no ambiguity about it.

In fact, I was very impressed with the service as a whole. Hewi Ma was, in particular, very helpful, always friendly and she gave good advice and it was clear that she was acting in my best interests at all times.

As such, I would recommend Goodman Grant Solicitors without hesitation.”


“A good experience”

“I was very confident that Goodman Grant was handling my matter effectively,” says Dr Denise Walters-Payne. “I never really had any difficulty contacting the team and they were always very good at keeping me up to date at all times.

I also liked that whenever I had questions, I was given explanations that helped me get my head around what was happening. Hewi, in particular, was really good. She explained everything really well – and she was actually quite patient with me throughout the whole process, which was good.

In fact, I think Goodman Grant did a good job. I had a good experience and I would certainly recommend them in the future.”


A pleasure dealing with them

“I would most certainly recommend Goodman Grant to others,” says Dr David Whitehouse from Johnson and Whitehouse. “Throughout the whole process I felt very confident that they were handling the matter on my behalf. Indeed, they worked hard to keep me up to date with what was going on at all times – and whenever something needed explaining, they did so very well.

I also found the Goodman Grant team easy to contact – I always managed to get through.

Importantly, I thought they were very transparent with their fees.

What really stood out, though, was just how friendly and approachable everyone at Goodman Grant was. It was a pleasure dealing with Paul Harris – he was always very helpful.”


Faultless service

“I can’t fault it,” says Dr Robert Bell when asked about his experience of Goodman Grant’s service. “At all times I felt absolutely confident that they were handling everything effectively on my behalf.

“I never had any trouble contacting the team either – in fact, they were great at making sure I was always kept up to date with what was happening.

While some of the legal jargon in the actual contracts was a bit beyond me, the Goodman Grant team always made sure to sort it out and explain it to me if and when it was required.

Very importantly, they were very transparent with their fees.

I also think it’s important to say that I found the whole Goodman Grant team very friendly and approachable. I dealt with Emily and Caroline who were both fantastic and if I had to sell a dental practice again, I would definitely use them to do it.

In fact, I would recommend Goodman Grant to anyone looking for this type of service.”


Great service

When Andrew Towlerton needed legal advice, he went straight to the experts at Goodman Grant.

“I was very confident in Goodman Grant’s ability to handle my matter,” says Mr Towlerton. “They kept me up to date with what was happening on a regular basis – and whenever I needed to speak to them, I found it easy to get through.

They also made sure I understood precisely what was happening and, while the purchase ultimately did not go through, I felt the service I received from the Goodman Grant team was first rate – and entirely inline with the quotes I was provided with from the outset.

The team was incredibly friendly, and I would be more than happy to go to them again – and recommend them to others.”


Ten out of ten!

''I felt very confident that the Goodman Grant team were handling my matter'', says David Barrett. ''They absolutely kept me up to date with what was happening at all times and whenever I needed to ask them anything, I could get through to someone who knew what was going on.

In most cases, this was Hewi – and she always took the time to explain precisely what was happening, or what I needed to do at all times, which was a real help.

In fact, everyone I spoke to was brilliant – and very friendly. There really is nothing I can think of to criticise the service in any way.  Indeed, I will most certainly be recommending Goodman Grant to others in the future''.


Dealing with the legal ‘nitty gritty’

“I will certainly be recommending Goodman Grant Solicitors,” says Dr Merali, who went to the firm for his very first practice purchase. “I was always confident that they were handling my matter in a very effective manner.

They were also very easy to contact and whenever I did speak to someone, they were always very clear and concise with the information they gave.

The team was also very friendly, and I had no reservations about approaching them for advice. I thought Nicola, in particular, was exceptionally good. She took over my case and she helped me understand the process. In fact, she did a fantastic job – I appreciate that having to deal with all the nitty gritty of the law cannot be easy!”


I would unreservedly recommend Goodman Grant!

“I was very confident in the manner Goodman Grant handled my case,” says Dr Jane Moore.

“They took care of the whole thing very well – particularly Hewi Ma, who was absolutely marvellous.

Indeed, Hewi always made sure to get back to me on the same day if she missed my call. In fact, Goodman Grant were very easy to contact – and always very prompt with responding to any queries.

They also kept me up to date at all times. Hewi worked incredibly hard on my case and really went the extra mile to explain everything to me and get the work done. She was a huge help to me and, I think, a tremendous asset to Goodman Grant’s team.

I also spoke to, and met, John Grant, who was incredibly helpful. Actually, I can’t think of a single member of their team who wasn’t absolutely excellent. 

And if that wasn’t enough, I would say that their service definitely represented a good value for money.

“I would unreservedly recommend Goodman Grant!”



Please accept my thanks for all your efforts.  Whilst the process took longer than I anticipated, eventually it is all over with a satisfactory ending.  I have found the service provided excellent and have felt well advised and involved at all stages of the sale.

Dr.Howard Williams


An excellent and well organised team

Dr Stephen Matterson has recently worked with the Goodman Grant team and says: “I thought the service was really excellent and very well organised.

I was very happy with the way my matter was being handled and I was pleased to have everyone at Goodman Grant in my corner. I never had any trouble contacting them and they always kept me in the loop at all times.

I worked closely with Hewi Ma and I thought she was excellent – she really was lovely – and I was very confident that there would be no issues once she’d signed me off.

In all honesty, I think the quality of service and the value for money were excellent. I was confident that everything was being done properly, which is the most important thing.

I would like to thank John Grant and his whole team for making my experience a good one. If I was ever in a position where I needed to use their services again, I would have absolutely no doubts that I would – and I would most certainly recommend their services to anyone else.”


A value for money service

Recently, Dr Chris Sawdon turned to Goodman Grant for help with the legal aspects of a practice sale; now completed, he says:

“There are always dark times in these long processes, times when you start to lose faith, but I was confident that Goodman Grant was handling the matter effectively.

I never had any problems getting in contact with them – in fact, after we’d completed it felt quite strange not to be sending emails almost constantly to Hewi Ma and the rest of the team.

The advice I was given was always very straightforward and I knew exactly where I stood throughout; Goodman Grant were always very forthright with keeping me up to date.

I thought the service was good value for money – in actual fact, considering the hours Goodman Grant put in, it was very good. I certainly feel as though we made the right choice with Goodman Grant and I would certainly recommend their services in the future.

I also have to say that Hewi Ma in the Leeds office was an absolute star; she really helped me get through the last week – so thank you Hewi!”


"I have been so delighted to work with John Grant and Hewi Ma during the sale of my NHS dental practice in 2014. They are 100% professional, diligent and efficient.  I have no hesitation in recommending the Goodman Grant team.

However way above all that, they work with integrity, cheerfulness and heart."

- Dr Andrea Ubhi, Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry

“The service was first class - and I have already recommended Goodman Grant to a colleague.”
- Dr Stephen Mason

"I am extremely happy with the services that have been provided to me at Goodman Grant. John Grant and his team are always proficient and very helpful in addressing concerns. I feel I am always kept up to date with anything they are working on for us and I am able to trust that they have mine and my company’s best interests at heart. Goodman Grant will always receive HIGH recommendations from me in the future.
- Mustafa Mohammed, CEO Genix Healthcare Ltd

“We received a Rolls Royce service from day one, everything was taken care of.”
- Michael Fitzpatrick

"It is very rare that you find one let alone two lawyers that are that are totally approachable totally commercial and are totally focused on excellent client service to achieve their Client's solution at all times.
I have worked in the Dental Sector for 12 years and can highly recommend Goodman Grant."
- Rob Walsh, Clear Vision Accountancy Group
"I can genuinely say that John Grant and Ray Goodman and their team provide a great, specialist legal service to dentists. Many of our clients have worked with them, and we have also experienced the joys of employing John who is enthusiastic and has the necessary skills, diligence and occasional wit. They have proved they know their way around the various NHS organisations and CQC bodies, are familiar with all the quirks in buying/selling dental practices and have sufficient dental experience to write contracts and partnership/share agreements as watertight as they can reasonably be. There are other lawyers but there’s only one Goodman Grant!"
- Thomas Dickson, Essential Money
"Many many thanks to you for your service and advice throughout - whenever needed - especially in helping me to understand the complexities of the deal. We have been most satisfied by the way that you have conducted our sale and fully appreciate your detailed knowledge of a sale to IDH.
On behalf of us both I would like to place on record our complete satisfaction with your specialised service."
- Gill Hoyle, Cottage Dental Practice
"I have been using John Grant for my business and personal legal requirements for around 5 years now and I can thoroughly recommend him! John talks in plain English, keeps it simple and is always effective. There is no clock watching with John, he get’s the job done correctly and has great eye for detail. He also takes away any legal jargon. If you need dental business legal stuff, John Grant is your man!"
- Simon Tucker, Simon Profitable Conversation
"Whether buying or selling a dental practice, you need to be in safe, reliable hands when it comes to the legal work. I have known John Grant and Ray Goodman for many years and am always happy to recommend them and Goodman Grant Solicitors to dentists, whether or not they are clients of mine. Their experience is beyond question."
- Paul Newsom, PFM Dental
"I can thoroughly recommend the quiet, friendly professionalism of all the guys at Goodman Grant. A high quality 'service with a smile' in all areas of personal, dental and health legal matters."
- Dr Simon Gallier BDS, Future Health Partnership CIC
"I have used Goodman Grant several times this year for the purchase of a couple of dental practices. I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, efficient, helpful and professional. I have been especially impressed by their dental expertise and their accessibility, with all my queries and concerns dealt with promptly. Throughout the process I received timely and regular updates leading to stress free transactions. I would most definitely recommend Goodman Grant as a team of specialist dental solicitors..... and they are a cheerful bunch to boot!"
- Lee Appleton
"May I take the opportunity to thank both you and Hewi for the professional and expedient way you dealt with the sale of The White Dental Company - you were both a pleasure to work with." - Peter Glenn, The White Dental Company 
"I have already recommended Goodman Grant to a colleague. I would like to thank John, Hewi and the team for their friendly and proficient service, their in depth knowledge and the ease with which the sale proceeded.  - Ursula Holmes

"I  wish to  express my  thanks to you all  for  the hard and  enduring work you  put in,  to  achieve the sale of the practice.  At times it was, at the least  frustrating,  with  seemingly  endless 'Due Diligence'  Enquiries and  protracted negotiations with [another law firm].    But  you persisted and  came  through with  flying  colours ! Many  thanks  to you all."  

- Frank McGowan

"I was thoroughly satisfied with the excellent support I was given from Goodman Grant throughout the difficult and prolonged sale."  

- Gavin Lake

" Paul Harris was totally amazing! Although I know he was very busy dealing with other clients, he always had time to speak with me on the phone, was always empathetic & patient with my difficulty to understand some aspects of the transaction, whilst calmly & clearly explaining what was going on & telling me in simple English what I needed to do next as the sale proceeded. Despite being busy, he always answered the phone when I called & seemed genuinely happy & interested to hear from me to the point that I felt he became more of a friend who wanted to help me, rather than someone doing a job.

Paul is far more than a Solicitor; he is a true professional, with all the current up to date knowledge, yet with the good old fashioned care that is rarely found these days & which people appreciate. There is a saying, “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it”, & for a three dimensional example of getting this right, there should Paul Harris! Massive respect to him!

Another person who displayed incredible knowledge, support & helpfulness was Hewi Ma. Hewi was always on hand to explain matters & tell me what I needed to do or get as she completed our various forms. Hewi is a true ray of sunshine who oozes happiness, optimism & gets the job done efficiently. Thanks Hewi!

Goodman Grant have a fantastic team. Not only do I thank you for representing & helping me, but I also respect you as a company & as individuals."  

- Zoey Hammond

"“I would like to say that I was impressed with the excellent standard of service received from Goodman Grant.  They were very efficient and responded to all my queries quickly and effectively. I am very grateful that they tried their utmost to complete my case on time." 

- Ahassan Khan

"Paul Harris, A definite asset to you."

- David Eley

"Hewi Ma's attentive service made the selling of my property uneventful for all of the right reasons"

- Eamonn McDaid

"Very easy for us to contact John Grant early in the day and he made it very easy to know best times to contact him. Hewi was very good at keeping us in the loop. Everyone was very approachable and contactable."

- Upen Vithlani

"To Goodman Grant & Colleagues,


Thank you for all your help,support, guidance, advice & to keep up with me.  We are very happy to be a proud owner of SURBITON DENTAL OFFICE. We really appreciate all your hard work that you have done for us.

Please feel free to come and visit my practice anytime whenever you come down to London, We will be very happy to meet with you."

- Dr Amit Patel & Mrs Nisha Patel, Surbiton Dental

"I completed the practice sale at the end of December. My head just about recovered and I am finally getting round to thanking those involved. It all seems a long time since I attended PFM's retirement day in Leeds in 2013. At the time I had almost accepted that I would not be able to sell my orthodontic practice but thanks to your endeavours I have managed to. I definitely owe you a pint John and have recommended you to other orthodontists approaching retirement. I really appreciate your professional  help over the past year and can never thank you and your team enough.

My sincere thanks John".

- Ged Parr

"I dealt with 3 people at Goodmn Grant during the process and they were all very friendly and accessible. 

Everything was done professionally and at the end of the day everything was put into place and I would have no hesitation in recommending Goodman Grant and using them again in the future.

Thanks again and a Happy Pesach.

- Jacky Lapidus, Broadway Dental Surgery

I have today completed the sale of my dental practice and I would like to thank the team at Goodman Grant for the manner in which they have helped me with the process of a very prolonged deal. In fact the whole team were fantastic, without a weak point anywhere. 

My main contact was John Grant who was a true professional. He and I share the same sense of humour, which was very much needed in the fraught moments of the sale..........they can’t stop us laughing ....yet !!! I would now describe him as a friend....and then my lawyer!! He was assisted by Hewi and Caroline who were also very professional, efficient and friendly in the manner in which they dealt with the succession of due diligence questions.

It was a pleasure to do business with Goodman Grant and I have no hesitation in recommending them 100% to any dentist who is selling their practice.

-Phil Burns

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