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We've always got something to say about what's happening in the dental business and that's why we are regular contributors for a number of industry journals.

Here you will find a selection of our latest articles, ranging from employment and regulatory issues to contracts and property issues.

Everyone at Goodman Grant is encouraged to contribute, which reflects the wide range of specialist experience we have within the team.

If there's a subject not covered here then please get in touch and we will see what we can find in the archives.


Latest Articles

When they decide to sell or buy a dental practice, dentists are often presented with a document known as heads of terms. This should set out the agreed terms on which a dentist has agreed to sell and buy. However, it is so often the case that the heads of...
There have been a number of interesting developments in the world of employment law – not least of which involves proposed government plans to reform agency and zero-hour worker rights. Changes include: The repeal of the ‘Swedish...
Please note that the London PMS region are experiencing major delays in respect of CQC applications. Registration resource issues in the London region are being supported by registration inspectors from other teams. We are told by CQC that additional...
Having worked on a large number of dental practice sales and purchases over the last seven years, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the common issues that can arise during the transaction process. On occasions, these issues can end up becoming...
You have almost reached the end of your journey to buying or selling a dental practice. It is at this stage that payment for the practice has been made and you are looking forward to celebrating the completion of the transaction. However, in all the...




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