The Dental Talk Show

Our experienced lawyers have teamed up with Nick Peters, who hosts the Dental Talk Show, to discuss many current issues affecting dentists and their practices.

We hope you find these interesting - we've tried not to be too boring!

Episode One: Dental Practice Incorporations.

John talks to Nick about what dentists need to know about incorporations.

Episode Two: How is the UK Dentistry Market Evolving?

Ray and John talk about the state of the dental market and take a look at the latest NASDAL goodwill figures.

Episode Three: The Policy for NHS Incorporations

In this video Ray and John review the recently released NHS Policy for Incorporations documents, providing their thoughts on how this could impact the dental industry.


Is there a topic that you would like Ray and John to talk about or would you like to get involved in an episode? If so then please speak to Tom ( and we will see what we can do.