2 Common Disputes Dental Practice Investors Face

In recent years, the idea of purchasing a dental practice has become an especially desirable one. The need for top-quality dental care is more prevalent than ever in the United Kingdom, so buying into this industry is an excellent prospect for intelligent investors.

Many people in the UK have begun to visit their local clinics more frequently, and this renewed passion has led to a sharp uptick in industry demand. Of course, this spells an irresistible opportunity for anyone that wants to get their feet wet in a thriving sector of the British economy and set themselves up for a future of constant profit.

Now that you’ve gotten a good amount of equity built up, it’s clear that there’s no better time to buy  a dental practice.  The market is currently hot with well-established practices being marketed for sale.

As you move along the purchasing process and transition into the role of being an owner, there may be a chance that you’ll end up in  a dispute with the previous owner of a dental practice. Such disputes may eventually lead to challenges you should prepare yourself with proper information and awareness.

Common Disputes to Be Mindful Of

Certain conflicts may arise following the purchase  of a dental practice. These issues are typically grouped into various categories of common disputes. If you want to verify whether the problem you’re dealing with is classified as a legitimate and actionable dispute, here is a list of the problem areas that you may be struggling with:

Debt and Accounts Payable

During the purchase of a dental practice via an asset sale, it is assumed that a buyer  only purchases the physical and tangible assets of the practice. Any existing debt or other liabilities are not the responsibility of the new owner. Whereas, if you purchase the shares of a limited company,  existing liabilities of the company  including debt obligations may transfer to you upon purchase.

By instructing a specialist dental lawyer, you can rest assured that they will raise the right enquiries in order to gather the right information you will need on a practice purchase.

Careful and considered drafting of contract documents will protect you from inheriting the seller’s liabilities.

NHS Income

If you are buying an NHS practice it is vitally inportant that your solicitor gathers information on the practice’s UDA performance.  If a seller is underperforming, it can result in a practice losing thousands of pounds in income by way of clawback.  Without specialist knowledge, an average high street solicitor will not know what to look for and how to calculate underperfromance, particularly with reduced contractual requirements following the COVID-19 outbreak,

Furthermore, a specialist dental solicitor will know to ask for a retention/allowance made to the purhcase price where there is underperformance.

It is crucial to ensure your solicitor knows what to look out for and what to include in your contract documents to protect you from having to face a dispute with the seller where there has been a clawback for underperformance.


Investing in a dental practice can be one of the best business decisions you can make when everything is done correctly. However, there are times when disputes can arise and hinder your progress. Fortunately, staying well-aware of the potential issues you can face and being mindful of the various solutions will help you stay on top of any potential kinks and iron them out!

Are you set on buying a dental practice? Well, it’s essential to have any one of the best dental lawyers in the United Kingdom help you out—and this is where Goodman Grant Solicitors can help. If you’re looking for dental practice brokers or dental legal advisors to help with your investment, get in touch with us today!

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