A guide to the NHS England National Performers List

If you are a dentist who currently performs NHS treatment or a dentist wishing to begin performing NHS treatment then this article provides a practical guide to assist.

Dentists who would like to carry out treatment under an NHS contract must be registered on the NHS England National Performers List, which was introduced on 1st April 2013 following the abolition of the PCTs. 

The list was set up to provide additional reassurance to the public that health care providers like dentists were suitably qualified, trained including having appropriate language skills and that they had passed other requirements such as having a clear Disclosure and Barring Service check (the old eCRB check).

New Performers

A dentist who has never performed NHS treatment prior to 1st April 2013 must apply to be registered on the NHS England National Performers List. 

A completed Performers List Application Form will need to be submitted to the Local Area Team in charge of the area the dentist wishes to work in together with the following documents:

  1. Passport or photo driving licence
  2. Full registration with the GDC
  3. Graduation certificate
  4. Completion of Vocation Training Certificate or Certificate of Prescribed/Equivalent Experience
  5. Recent Occupational Health Report (if available)
  6. A detailed Curriculum Vitae or details of your work history
  7. Language Knowledge Certificate or alternative
  8. The outcome of a recent appraisal (if available)
  9. Work permit (if applicable)
  10. Evidence of membership of a recognised defence organisation
  11. Completed DBS form or existing eCRB (not more than 3 months old) together with further documents as may be required by the Disclosure and Barring Service in order to provide a DSB check

If the dentist is making the application from outside of England then there are only six specialised Area Teams who can process the application as follows:

  1. Cumbria, Northumbria and Tyne and Wear AT for performers whose address is in Scotland
  2. Shropshire/Staffordshire AT for performers whose address is in North Wales
  3. Arden, Hereford and Worcester AT for performers whose address is in South Wales
  4. Wessex AT for performers whose address is in the Channel Islands
  5. Merseyside AT for performers whose address is in Northern Ireland
  6. London North West AT for performers whose address is outside the UK

On submission of the form to the relevant Local Area Team, it takes six to eight weeks until the dentist is added to the performer list if they are happy with the information provided.

Existing Performers

A dentist who performed NHS treatment prior to 1st April 2013 will have already been registered on a PCT performer list. These lists have now been amalgamated and have become the NHS England National Performer List. This list is accessible by all Local Area Teams (LATs) who now oversee the performance of dental contracts. 

If a dentist wishes to move from one area to another they must contact the new LAT under which they wish to perform. NHS services will then be able to access their details on the National Performer’s List.  Each LAT will have different requirements but they should all be able to facilitate the transfer of a dentist from performing under one LAT to another. 

The new LAT will liaise with the old LAT and will carry out checks in relation to the dentist’s qualifications and records.  The LAT the dentist is leaving will then give a declaration to the new LAT that there are no issues concerning the dentist and the dentist will then be able to perform NHS treatment under the authority of the new LAT.  This should take around two weeks.

NHS England recognises that there is a need for a uniform approach to transfers and has drafted a new policy with an expected release date of 1st August 2013.  Until then, dentists will have to simply follow the ad hoc transfer procedure required by each LAT.

At the time of going to press no policy has been published by NHS England, and having spoken to a number of LATs across the country, whilst they are aware of this policy and its imminent release, no policy has been issued as yet.


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