How to survive a PDS Orthodontic contract tender

This is a critical time for dental practice owners with PDS Ortho contracts, and the survival of many practices relies on a positive outcome from the tender process.

This sentiment was echoed by Goodman Grant Director, John Grant, who presented an informative and well attended talk at the British Orthodontic Society event on ‘Tendering for your Orthodontic Contract’, held on 18 March 2017 in London.

If this tendering process affects your business, it is essential that you carefully plan all aspects of submissions, taking expert advice to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.  Goodman Grant & Ascend Contract Management together can help you with the:

  • content of submissions,
  • practicalities/legalities of incorporation & tendering as a limited company to assist with future realisation of goodwill ;
  • transfer of employment/engagement contracts to new entity;
  • profit projections for varying UOA rates to support financial evidence submissions;
  • re-aligning business performance against potential income reductions to maximise profitability;
  • identification & implementation of strategies to compensate for lost income & to protect the future of the business
  • implications of buying or selling a practice at this time

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