Regulatory Issues

If you are an NHS contractor or wishing to tender for an NHS contract, the world of NHS contracts can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.

Depending on the postcode or even a change in LAT contract manager can have a huge impact on how decisions are made with regulations being interpreted differently.

Procurement and tendering processes are strictly governed by the Public Contracts Regulations,  if policies and procedures have not been followed correctly and you have suffered a loss, it may be possible to take action to correct any decisions made or seek compensation.  Dental contracts themselves are subject to the PDS and GDS regulations.

If you feel the award of a public contract or the tendering process not followed correctly, or that the process was not conducted fairly to all parties, make sure your legal advice comes from a team with the expertise to represent you – and there is no better team that Goodman Grant.  Not only do we have the knowledge, our dental legal experts know when to tread softly and when to let the LAT know we mean business.

Goodman Grant are here to offer you pragmatic and commercial advice to enable you to properly assess the risks involved and weigh up your options to ensure we are focused on achieving your goals.