Client Testimonial: Selling a Dental Practice Without Unnecessary Delays

When it comes to telling people about the services we provide as solicitors for buying and selling dental practices, we could go on quite a bit! We take immense pride in our work and could talk about it all day long. So from time to time, we ask one of our clients to tell you in their own words about their experiences of working with our team. 

We recently helped Adam to sell his dental practice. He was selling his practice to a dental corporate, and both parties were determined to have a quick sale. The buyer recommendedGoodman Grant Solicitors to Adam, as they believed we could deliver the work without unnecessary delays.

Could you tell us about your experience of the process? 

“I felt that Hewi Ma (Goodman Grant director) was acting in my best interest at all times. Because of the speed at which the transaction had to go, we actually met up with the buyer, and one afternoon just hammered through all the proceedings. I felt very reassured at the meetings. Hewi was clearly acting in my best interest, advising me face-to-face with quite quick decisions that had to be made at that meeting,” he explained.

“She kept me informed at all stages, and I was able to contact her in the evenings on her mobile. Regarding costs, as things changed, she agreed to cap the costs at a certain level, which was very helpful as well. It was my first time selling a practice, and I’ve learned a great deal about all that’s involved in the process.”

“When I initially bought the practice, I wasn’t as aware of everything that needed to take place in the sale process. With the sale, Hewi kept me up to date on exactly what was happening and also outlined all the risks to me,” he continued.

Would you recommend Goodman Grant to anyone else selling a dental practice?

Yes, I would. I felt that Hewi was experienced, quick-thinking and very astute. She wasn’t just doing it because it’s her job. I felt like she genuinely cared about my position and wanted me to have the best result in everything. She stayed firm in negotiations when the buyer tried to persuade me to take a particular option and she felt it was unwise.

The entire process took much quicker than I expected. I had anticipated that it would take about nine months and that it would be a long drawn out process. Fortunately, the bulk of the work was done within a couple of months. There was one hold up that was out of everyone’s hands with the NHS, but that just postponed it by a month. By all accounts, the process was done ve ry rapidly. It was great to get it all done and to be able to draw a line under it and move forward. 

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If you are thinking about selling your dental practice but you’re unsure of what is required or want to discuss the options available to you, why not contact our team for a chat? We have offices conveniently located in Liverpool, London and Leeds.

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