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Experience has taught us that every dental business is different and each working relationship between that owner and associate is unique. That is why having a bespoke agreement with Associate dentists, orthodontist, hygienists and therapists is crucial to a positive working relationship. We are able to create agreements which reflect the true relationship between the parties; this provides the balance between practicalities of running a dental practice whilst keeping the employment status of contractors in mind.

We also offer a service in relation to reviewing and reporting on terms (as well as negotiating the same) of Associate agreements for dental contractors whether that be the BDA model agreement or something more bespoke. We know that both parties being comfortable with the terms under which they work under is central to the working relationship and therefore the importance of having the document reviewed and being able to understand it fully is the basis for a healthy working relationship in the future.

We are able to make sure that you provide up to date, tailored and compliant contracts of employment for your employees whether that be the reception team, clinical staff or employed clinicians such as therapist and hygienists.
Our appreciate that every business is different and therefore using “borrowed” templates which haven’t been considered in the context of your business, are not the best way forward.

The contract of employment is the core document which governs the obligations of both employees and employers. Whilst it is important to have a contract which covers the legal minimum obligations, a comprehensive contract leaves no question unanswered as to what is expected and required from an employee.

Your business may require a reshuffle of staff or a change in the way it operates. With that comes a legal requirement to consult with employees - to change the way people carry out certain functions in the Practice. This brings a number of employment law considerations to the forefront of decision making and that’s what the team here can do. With an in-depth knowledge of how dental practices operate we can guide and advise you through the process of reorganising your workforce.

We also offer advice to employers on how to accurately conduct a redundancy process, whether due to a practice location closing or where less employees are required. We support you through the whole journey, including the objective way in which employees should be selected and the best practice to ensure a reasonable and robust procedure is carried out.

Whether it is an employee who is inherently late for work, displaying poor performance or a personal issue between two employees, we offer hands-on, practical advice to guide and advise you through disciplinary and grievance procedures to ensure best practice and proper procedures are followed.

We believe that dentists should be able to spend their time running their practice for the benefit of their patients, stakeholders and themselves. That is why we offer HR support and consultancy services so that you can leave these matters with us. Whether it is a specific advice required on upcoming changes in the law or the way in which to approach a request from an employee, we are here to help you.

The Equality Act 2010 was enacted to provide far-reaching protection against discrimination in relation to a number of areas. When considering any aspect of employment law - from the recruitment process to the termination of employment - we are able to assess the circumstances and advise you on negating committing discriminatory acts against employees. We also provide advice on complying with anti-discrimination laws where you may need to make adjustments to working practices to accommodate your employees.

This is an area which has never been more central to the way in which employers engage with their workforce. With our real-time knowledge of ongoing and recent employment tribunal cases, we are able to advise on the appropriate documentation to use for different types of staff making up your workforce, alongside providing practical advice on ensuring that the documentation reflects the reality of the relationship between the parties to achieve the intended employment status.

Likewise, we offer advice to Associate dentists who are unsure of or may wish to assert their employment status, whether that be as a worker or an employee.

There are a number of circumstances and reasons for the use of settlement agreements which are used to confidentially terminate employment. The employee agrees to waive their rights to bring specific employment claims against the employer and in return receives a payment or other consideration (such as a new set of terms and conditions and be re-engaged by the employer).
We are able to offer services in drafting and negotiating these agreements on your behalf, whether it be a stand-alone termination of employment or in connection with a change to a business requiring the termination of employment.

In the majority of cases, employers can reach amicable and mutually agreeable solutions to their disputes and differences with staff. However following the abolition of fees to bring employment tribunal claims, there is an increasing chance and incentive for employees to bring claims against their former or current employer.

We offer a full service of representation from the point at which ACAS are notified of a claim through to instructing a barrister on your behalf at a full employment tribunal hearing.

The TUPE regulations serve to protect employees on the transfer of a business (sale, merger or purchase) or where there is a change in the provider of a contract (known as a service provision change) such a change in the provider of NHS dental services in a specific area.

There are far reaching obligations on employers and these can have considerable consequences if they are overlooked or breached.

We are able to offer advice on whether these complex regulations apply, providing representation in managing the process as well as guidance on compliance.

A contract of employment is only as good and useful as the policies and procedures which underpin and supplement it. There are many policies and procedures that are never read or used in a business and only looked at for the first time when an employee posts a disparaging post on social media or requests flexible working hours. We are able to provide you with policies and procedures which are tailor made and suitable for the current workplace environment.

The Team

Ben works alongside our Managing Direct John Grant, who qualified over 30 years ago. John has developed an outstanding professional reputation within the dental industry, building a career helping both employers and employees.

Ben and John are supported by Roger Silvers, Consultant Employment Law Expert and other members of the dental team at GG in order to provide the highest level of client service possible and deal with matters in a way which seeks to obtain the best outcome for every client.

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You can find out more about our fees by visiting our Legal Fees & Disbursement page.

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"I have been really impressed with the service from Ben and the team. Employing staff is both rewarding and challenging. You want to be a good leader, someone who creates a team where trust is an inherent part of the working relationship. Knowing that all the legal stuff has been covered for everyone’s benefit has been a huge step in creating the workforce that helps takes my business forward" Dr S Kumar, Orthodontist

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