Your Statement of Purpose

It is now over a year since the CQC changed the way in which it assesses dental practices with the introduction of the “Fundamental Standards” which replaced the “Essential Standards”.

Compliance is now focused on the practice satisfying 5 key requirements:

Are they safe?

Are they effective?

Are they caring?

Are they responsive to people’s needs?

Are they well-led?

These changes come with an ever more specialised team of CQC inspectors carrying out more detailed and rigorous inspections process.  This is likely to leave dental practices feeling they are being asked to spend even less time focusing on their patients and being burdened with further regulation and compliance woes.

One of more notable requests from CQC Inspectors is for a copy of the practice Statement of Purpose prior to the inspection.

For those who first registered in 2011 or even those who registered as recently as 2014, the Statement of Purpose will seem like a distant memory. However, if your Statement of Purpose has not been updated since before March 2015 then it is more than likely that it was written in accordance with meeting the Essential Standards and would now require updating.

In an increasingly regulated industry, now is the time to get one step ahead and prepare your practice ready for inspection.

We can take part of the burden away from you. We are offering a service where will draft and update your Statement of Purpose to bring it in line with the Fundamental Standards for a fixed fee of £500.00 plus VAT. This service includes our Guidance Document to assist you with meeting the new standards set out by the CQC.

For further information please contact Ben Williams in our Leeds office on 01138343705 or email: [email protected]


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